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Trading Cards

In an effort to get to know students better, I would like you to create a trading card to share with me.  These cards will not be shared publicly and will be used only by me.  To create your card, go to http://bighugelabs.com/deck.php.  See the images below for instructions.  If you are not a nursing student, please change the career to something more appropriate for you. 

Add image of yourself.  For title, enter the name you go by.  List your hometown as the sub-title.  In the description, complete the following.  1.  Three words that describe you.  2.  Favorite TV show.  3.  Favorite dessert.  Then complete the sentence "I want to be a nurse because..."

Make sure I can see your face in the finished card. When completed, save the image and submit the card via Sapling Learning.