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Teaching Tools

 CATME This free program allows you to create groups based on survey results and conduct periodic self and peer evaluations.  You choose the survey questions from those provided or write your own.  The evaluation system is great because it administers the evaluation and then provides a simple means to distribute results anonymously back to students.  FREE
Check out an example of a video with embedded questions at https://edpuzzle.com/media/54d4f847a80f427b0f1c7a50.  All viewing progress and answers are tracked by student.  You can set the video so they cannot skip ahead to the questions and they must answer to move past the question.  Great way to hold students accountable for being prepared for class and can be embedded in LMS or other websites. For a large class, think about how you will have them set up their account so you can match students with their accounts. FREE

 Explain Everything
This app for iOS, Android, and Windows is truly amazing.  It's very easy to import images, slides, PDF, and more for screencasts including audio track and the ability to annotate whatever is on the screen.  Inexpensive and you can export videos directly to YouTube or online storage in multiple formats.  Enough editing tools to get the job done but not so many that you are overwhelmed. $3
 pHet     pHet provides numerous simulations in science and math.  While some still require Java (UGGHH!), they are in the process of converting everything to HTML5.  Great way for students to visualize a concept and HTML5 versions are device independent. FREE
 Piazza Piazza is similar to a discussion board but so much better.  It is designed to be a Q&A for a class.  Instructor and student responses are clearly marked and instructors can give "good answer" credit to students who answer questions well. All content questions are posted and answered here. If a student emails me with a question, I respond to post it on Piazza so everyone can see my answer.  This saves me TONS of emails and students tell me they like it because they get to see questions they didn't know to ask. FREE 
         REEF Education       
Replacement for a clicker.  REEF uses any smartphone, tablet, or laptop and allows students to respond to multiple choice or short answer questions.  Sits on top of the presentation software so it's compatible with anything and allows you to create questions on the spot.  Additionally, students can go back and review screenshots of the questions asked in class as a great study guide. Students must pay for this service.
 Sapling Learning
Sapling is an online homework system that is textbook independent and has awesome customer service.  Your designated tech TA is your one contact to solve all your problems (and they do it quickly!).  You can use their questions or easily create a variety of question types and all of their problems provide detailed feedback specific to the student's answer.  Students must pay for this service.
 TED-Ed If you like TED talks, you'll love TED-Ed.  These videos cover a wide range of topics and provide a short video as well as supplemental information.  I use the videos in combination with EDpuzzle to create video quizzes.  A couple of my favorites are How big is a mole? and Just how small is an atom?.  If you get sucked in to watching TED talks, plan some time to visit TED-ed.  FREE